21 Days-Clearing Your Field & I AM Unified Field Activation

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The importance and power of this tool and "way of being" cannot be overstated as to how imperative this tool & Activation is. It is a pre-requisite before engaging in all offerings with Deb & Scott; including sessions, The I AM Awakening Academy,and 3-day Alchemical CoCoon Retreat

Use this tool to clear your field of external energies and activate your I-Am Presence unified field. .

*** Please note - DO NOT - DO NOT - TRY TO DOWNLOAD THIS FILE TO A PHONE, AN IPAD OR A TABLET - It's a zip file with an MP3 - It must be downloaded to a computer. We want you to have a graceful experience with this technology so PLEASE be conscious about how you do this! xoxo Deb & Scott ***

This tool is to be used as your "training wheels" to learn how to CLEAR Your Field, as well as the vibration of BEINGNESS which to calibrate your energy to, in order to move, day by day into more of your Activated I AM Beingness. The intention is for you to eventually do, say and engage in the ability to Clear Your Field without the use of the audio tool. The I AM Unified Field Activation is equally important and powerful - experiencing it is the only way to "EXPERIENCE" the SHIFT that's possible!
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