Tool #5: Clearing Your Field & Activating Your "I AM Codes & Unified Field"

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About This Tool ~ By Deb

Back in 2010 when the "veil was pulled back for me", I was able to get more detailed information than ever before about what the "hell" was going on in my field, and my daily life events and experiences. My Guides were able to telepathically communicate "you're being tracked, shut down that conversation" and much more…I'd be like, "WTF?" It was CRAZY to say the least…

This is how and why I've become MASTERFUL at Clearing My Field and teaching YOU how to do the same. Being aware of this information and then implementing it to your daily life - Is the MOST, THE MOST, THE MOST important aspect of our transcendence journey right now…did I say the Most Important? Our guides have asked us to STRESS the importance beyond a shadow of doubt to you!!!

Additionally, Scott and I clear every dwelling we stay in, every bed (hotel, other people's places we've stayed) and even most business conversations / meetings we have.

This tool emphasizes the words, the commands, the "Beingness" and the things to look for as potential interference. The intention of this tool, and all tools, is to utilize it as your "training wheels" in order to become aware of the information, the words and the INVOKING of your Higher Self, Guides and Archangel Michael…the team I've been working with for years is "on the job" through this invoking process…it's actually pretty amazing what people experience when they commit to this work. And just as most of us learned to ride a bike utilizing training wheels, they are meant to be removed…so you can fly and soar on your own!!

The I AM Unified Field Activation is a powerful calling forth of your Higher Self as I Activate your I AM Love, I AM Light & I AM Gratitude codes.

There are 3 parts to this new tool: 1. Information about Clearing Your Field, including signs to look for of potential interference
2. The Invocation, commands, words and categories you are clearing…very detailed and expanded
3. Activation energy that Deb brings through - powerful, potent and visceral

*** Please note - DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS FILE TO A PHONE, AN IPAD OR A TABLET - It's a zip file and must be downloaded to a computer. We want you to have a graceful experience with this technology so PLEASE be conscious about how you do this! xoxo Deb & Scott ***

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